Bumble's fiber art studio, From Ewe to You, is located in the Pacific NW.
Surrounded by ancient cedar and madrona trees, the acreage is a backyard
wildlife refuge.

Walk up the cobblestone driveway and you find yourself taken back to a time
when life was simple and a bit less complicated.

Stroll the grounds and take the time to watch the squirrels scampering about,
the hummingbirds flitting to and fro, and the bees gathering nectar for their
hives. You might just find mushrooms and plants that are used for natural
dyeing of yarn.
Working with Fiber
I hope you enjoy your visit within these pages as much as I enjoy working with
the fibers that go into the making of wearable and usable works of art.

The fibers are purchased in raw form--straight from the sheep! Washing,
carding and spinning are done "in house".

Wool is spun on drop spindles or with one of the many spinning wheels in my
studio. This yarn is then hand knitted or woven to produce wearable works of

Fiber Art

My work is not mass production. Each product is lovingly created to be used
and enjoyed every day.

Please don't store your purchases away, they are meant to be used. Fine fibers
and workmanship such as these improve with wearing and using.

Bring color and joy into your life and into the lives of those you share my
creations with. You will be pleased to give these as gifts and to order extras for
yourself as well!
From Ewe to You