Bumble has been a fiber artist for over thirty years. She often speaks of
herself as being older than dirt, but this blind old gal isn't ready for retirement
yet and the hours she spends daily working with her fiber are a testament to

Bumble does the sorting, washing, dyeing and spinning of yarn herself and
that is what makes her work so special.

Bumble does quality work, not mass production work. Surrounded by fiber
and the tools of her trade, Bumble lives her work and you get a bit of her heart
and soul in everything you purchase.

Where can you purchase fiber art items from Bumble? We don't sell directly
from this web page. Bumble's fiber art is sold from her Etsy store at:

Bumble's Blog

Last, but certainly not least, word has it that Bumble has a blog. Now we
often have to literally drag her away from her work to get her to go and post
something in that blog, but when she does it is definitely worth your effort to
go and read up on her antics.

For years, Bumble had a blog at:

That site is still there, but for some reason Bumble has been unable to gain
access to it to continue with it. Still, it does contain some worthwhile reading
and lots of photos and if you haven't been there, you might want to take a

Bumble's new blog can be found at:

From Ewe to You
Bumble's Etsy Store